Sand particle question

Hi All,

In this test I’m using small sized planes as particles, instead of cubes. Is there a better primitive to use?

  1. in the first third of the video the particles on the hand do an odd spinning in place movement, then act as I thought they should towards the end.
  2. When the particles collide with the block they shoot off at the velocity they collide at. (you’ll see the sticking on the back of the block, that I tried to use to control this as the hand moves through the block.)
  3. there is also a particle system on the block which starts about 30 frames in and it is shooting out it’s particles in blocky spinning chunks as well.
  4. You’ll also see the hand verts at the end floating up top. It has a translucent material. I did this because I couldn’t figure out how to make only the particles render and not the polys, so I placed the hand polys off the screen before I rendered, leaving the particles in the shape.
  5. Also, can I have a force (wind) only effect certain particle systems. I tried and it seems to effect all the same.

Hhaha you rock mate, if you are really trying to replicate that in blender. :wink:
Im not a expert in simulations and particles so I cant give you answers on your question.
But nice work. I hope you`ll find the problems and finish this.