Sand Writing

Hi Guys

i just wondering how to do this. Can anyone help me… it would be really cool if it can appear out of sand, as if we are writings on the sand…

Thanks in advance

use ‘dynamic paint’ to make a displacement map.

Hmmm… Animated interaction of a object (a branch, I guess) with a surface (the sand): Only one solution… Dynamic Painting.

The setting might be tricky tho. You need 2 canvas. One to create some displacement, to carve the letters. And a second one to trigger the particles generation around the letters. That’s the really tricky one, I think.

At least, I have clear idea for the paint brush needed to draw the letters: A cone. So that you can control the width of the drawing thanks to the depth at which it penetrates the canvas.

The cherry on top will be the animation curve. I can easily imagine its beauty… Who said “complexity”? :smiley:

Edit: Modron beat me on the finish line… but I’m much more talkative. :wink:

Thanks dude…

:stuck_out_tongue: You are too talkative…but that helps me even… anyways thanks mate… will finish it up & let you know…