I’m working on a project for a client where I’m going to do some 3d sand. Not particles, just terrain.

I want to make the sand look as good as possible while staying within the confines of the project. It will be 2min long so the terrain will have to be big in size. At one part we will be close to the sand but the rest of the time will be 5’ to 6’ feet off the ground.

So I have a question and a problem.

The problem is that when I render an animation of my sand it looks really noisy (Blender Internal, no AO, no Environment Lighting). The sand material has 5 textures that determine it’s color. They are really small in size cloud textures with high contrast. so could it be that the textures are too small and creates a very noisy jumpy effect? Here is a render of the animation. You can still see the jumpiness in this compressed version but it’s not as prevalent as the full quality version.

The question is. Is this sand a good quality? Is the approach to it good? Am I doing it all wrong? Or what could I do better? Any of that, would love to take a different approach to the texturing if it yields better results.

Here’s a still. FYI the gray models are just place holders and were mainly placed to test lighting and shadows.

Thanks everyone,

I dont know if you already have it added but to get some sparkel you can add a noise texture and set it to spec only and adjust the intensity. That works good for both sand and snow btw. As far as the noise goes I think you might be stuck with it to get the roughness and details your looking for. What bump method setting do you have it set too, best quality? I always have issues with best quality it always seems to be more noisy and doesnt work in reflections on other mirror material objects.

Its been a while since I’ve messed with BI…good times:) and still a great renderer IMO for certain projects.

Good Luck:)

Never mind on the spec I see you have it in there already…I just had to zoom in…looks good:)

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I have set some of the color noise textures as specular influences as well. I could try separating them by using a different texture, that might look more dynamic.

Ahah! I forgot about Bump Method. It’s set to low quality so I will experiment with that.

Thanks again!