the effect i am going for here is sandblasted on one side and clear on the other. the inside as can be seen is fairly close i have a little noise thrown in, still working on it. but for some reason, when looking into the clear side, blender pretends the other side does not exist. is there a way to tell blender that i want to see that sandblasted side before i see all the way thru?


Hello??? Anyone???


I don’t think noise is a good solution for a texture. I did a quick render using Distorted noise as a texture for the sandblasted side. See the attached pic. The piece of glass on the right has multiple materials, one having a sandblasted texture. The piece of glass on the left is single material, plain clear glass.

This is the blend.

There is also this test blend (I forgot who created it), that uses node based materials to get the effect.