Sandcastle at Sea (Weekly Artwork: 117)

AWC: 117 “Sandcastle at Sea”

Wanted to do something cute and different compared to the other little islands that I have been making for the past 2 weeks. I actually did something cool and new for this one, and I hope to do this more in the future and that is working with After Effects to create an animated version, I might actually go back to the last 2 island artworks and do the same thing so keep tuned for those.

Now the animation is rather simple, as I sort of want them to be relatively simple so its enough to give the artwork a bit more life without putting too much time into the development, after all these are done in a week and commonly I only have 1-2 days to make these.
Anyways, feel free to ask questions

anyways, I asked Felicia White to make a seagull and she did! and it’s awesome, like most of her stuff =D

▼ Animated Version:

▼ Final | Render

▼ AO Pass

▼ Post-Composite Timelapse

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and as always, have an awesome day/night


Turned out great!

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nice render. well done!

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Oh I see that castle have air defense. Everyone who dare to mess with castle will be bombarded with…
Nice, cute work.


Hehe, yeah. I was working with the seagull model and thought “who not make the seagulls like little guards”. :rofl::joy:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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What is the average file size of the more detailed scenes on your instagram?

What is your naming strategy for projects? Do you think up a real title for everything or just save them in folders by date or something else?

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The average size of the more detailed scenes ranges between 800MB’s to 6GB’s
I use File > External Data > Automatically Pack Files

and my naming strategy is to focus on the collection they are attributed to. for example, the first artwork that used this style is called “Blossom Tree at Sea”, then there’s “Camping at Sea” and now this one is “Sandcastle at Sea”. then all of those being in their own collection called “Little Islands”

in terms of how I store my source files and organize things, the artworks that I mainly post up here are a part of my Weekly artworks. Within my vault of projects, I have a file called 'AWC" that then goes to all three seasons in their own little folder. so for this one, It goes like this:
AWC > !AWCDevFiles > Season 3 > 117
and then all of the files are in there, that being the blend file, the After Effects animated file along with its consolidated assets, along with the Photoshop project file. I then save the finals in there along with saving the finals within a cloud storage service to allow me to bring the artworks up onto another computer or phone and show people or post if I am out and away from my computer

Hope that all makes sense and helps you out :blush:

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How much storage space do you have. I fear it make make more sense for my to spend my video card savings on more hard drives.

What is the meaning of “117”? Is it the 117th project of Season 3?

I have a whole server used for both Personal and Commission work, that server has a Petabyte so I am all good for storage for ages.

and the 117 comes from my way of numbering the number of artworks I’ve done over time. so the 117 is the overall amount of artworks made for the weekly artwork collection. each season has 50 artworks in them.

if you have seen my site or see the stories I put on Instagram, I brand them with “Season 3 | XXX” on the bottom left in a 9:16 format. the way it works is “How Many Years | How many Artworks”

A year has 52 weeks in it. the last week of December and the first week of January I have a break from the weekly artworks

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How do you backup that petabyte and when do you know for sure you want to put a number on a project? What if you start several experimental things no knowing yet if you’re going to number them as part of the ongoing series? Every time I sit down to do something I waste several minutes scrambling my brain about what to name it and where to save it.

I back up things via cloud storage, I have a buddy who has a lot of onsite storage and a cloud solution for his company contracts and so on. so he’s happy to keep a portion of that system he has for me. I can’t really give out names because that’s a security risk

Name wise, I name it at the very end of that project… you can always rename a file. but if there are revisions of experimental things I am sure to put them in their corresponding “DevFile”.