Who likes and have made sandcastles here? I’m not an expert but I do make them whenever i’m at the beach.

Here’s a link to pretty sandcastle pictures

When I go to the beach I just like to look at hot babes in bikinis playing volleyball. :stuck_out_tongue:

.:[email protected]:. … same here
I’m interested in how many big beaches there are in Kansas? I didn’t think there would be too many, lol…

Hooray for me living in an area called the “Lakes Region”… and also hooray for New Hampshire’s 12 miles of coast!

I second that! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:


I made a sandcastle in Blender once. But it sucked, so I deleted it.

I had a gf that’s an Artist from NYC. She floored my nephews by making this turtle in the sand that looked like it just walked off a disney set. Miss her :frowning:

I tried making a sandcastle while on vacation in North Carolina, but it just crumbled and fell apart. I don’t know how anybody could make one stay together.

You just need some fine wet sand and pack it together.

i made a really cool network of walls and tunnels and holes(big ones) last year. then some guy was running and messed up the best part. :x next time im going to dig a pit and put shells in it, then cover it up lightly around my stuff to keep people away from it. :smiley:

You wouldn’t think Oklahoma would have lakes either, except for the dozens of dams here… I would suspect that Kansas might be the same.

I read once that Oklahoma has more shoreline than the Gulf of Mexico.