sandisk sansa e200

well this is kinda work in progress

i started a lot of stuff in blender but after taking a break came back and for once actualy finished a project (well kinda), i got no clue how to texture it

if some one would plz show me how to UW map it, or what ever it would be very apreasiated

THIS IS MY FIRST PROJECT (that actualy got somewhere)

looks like a nice clean model. to UV texture it, mark some edge loops as seams, with ctrl+E, hit F to go into face select mode, then U and choose from the menu ‘unwrap’. then, in the UV window, check to see that everything came out properly. if not, change your seams and reload the faces. if so, export an image of your UV coords and use that as a reference to paint your texture in a program like gimp or photoshop. I hope that makes sense.

i tried doing that but desided to just asign defout textures to it, and actualy carve out the text, i have a very badly made vireframe, that shows up as traigles around the edges, its like imposible to untangle all that lol