I had finished this project a little over a month ago, and it’s been posted on CGTalk. A friend of mine said he could do better in 3DS than I could in blender, so he challenged me to a 10 second challenge and I could pick the subject, I chose sandworms (from either Dune or Beetlejuice). He has yet to finish his while this image is frame 65 in my 250 frames. The video is also located here:
Comments are more than welcome.


Well the model is good, but the animation needs work. Also, when that jar tips over, it falls very slowly, and doesn’t bounce or break.

Thanks for the comments, I would rather have critique over nothing at all.
It was the first time I really tried to animate anything besides a camera (my job requires flythroughs). I didn’t really put much thought into the jar beyond making it drop onto the spoon to make the worm fly.

I think the animation needs to be smoothed out, try watching how things fall and how snakes/worms move and then emulate that. Also it lacks a lot of texturing.