Santa Claus

I’m not done with my Scarface project yet. I’m not quitting. I still want to finish it. But now I’m in the biggest Christmas mood, so I have to make Santa Claus. I started this about 4 hours ago, including render times. The render time is absurd with AO, so I’m gonna have to make some changes. This is a render without AO:
With every project I try to improve one of my skills. I try to make one of the aspects of the project the best I have ever done. With Scarface, I think it’s turning out to be my best overall face. With this project, the hair is my personal best.
So feel free to comment on what I have so far. By the way, I know the hair isn’t perfect, but even so, it’s still the best I have ever done.

This takes way to long to render with AO. It took a half hour to render this:
I’ll probably use AO for a still image, but I might not use AO if I do an animation. I love AO, but a half hour a frame would be ridiculous.

whoah the second render is so human skin like! and the beard is awsome!
keep it up!

Thanks ddwagnz. Hopefully the skin in this next one looks almost as good as the previous one, because I rendered it without AO. It looks way better with AO, but by not using it, I cut down 29 minutes of render time. This rendered in a minute:
I know doesn’t look quite as good, but I’m still trying, because I really want to avoid using AO.

I think it is pretty hard ot tell the difference between the Ao one and the surrent one. I really like your heads. They are good. How long have you worked on this one?

Wow, I’m very impressed, I’m still trying to learn how to make a proper head for my alien I’m working on.

I think your latest is the best.

Hey, I like that guy. You might want to add a couple things though, like crows feet around the eyes and a few more obvious laugh lines.

Thanks for the replies.

Tyaedalis: At first I thought the AO one looked way better, but now the latest one isn’t looking so bad. Thanks. I’ve probably spent 3 hrs of actual work on this. Most of the time was spent paying attention to minor details.

night_of_shadow: Thanks.

captainkirk: There’s more stuff on the latest one and the texture is more complete, but I don’t think the lighting looks as realistic, though I’m not really going for realism.

BlackBoe: Haha. Everybody likes Santa. Facial detail is the next step. I’m gonna do those with the bump map.

Thanks for all the replies. Keep them coming.

That’s really good- especially the particle hair. Could I see the settings? I’ve been wondering how to add hair to my so far bald characters.

Looks very good. Scratch that. It looks fantastic.

What’re your system specs for rendering?

He also needs to look more jolly. What’s he bringing me this year?

Thanks for the replies.

Alden: Thanks. Here are the settings. Let’s see if you can make any sense of them:

FuzzMaster: Thanks. Do you mean the speed of my computer and all that? I don’t really know all the specifics.

captainkirk: I think the crow’s feet helped a little, but the jollyness will come when I start animating him. As far as what he’s bringing you, I’m not sure, but I’ll ask him when he’s done. I think he mentioned something about bills…

Here’s a render with crow’s feet and other facial details:

Keep the comments coming.

EDIT: By the way, Alden, that Z force on the particles is a very small negative number.

I started working on the suit. There’s a lot of stuff that I have already done that needs to be changed, but I’m taking a break.

The lower half is poorly lit.

Thats a nice start. :slight_smile: Looking good now. i really like your hair/fur approaches. They end up looking quite nice. keep it up!

Looks really good. Now he needs hands, legs, a sack, a sleigh and reindeer. :wink:

looks good! Great textures. Could the moustache move up a bit though, so more of the mouth can be seen?

Thanks for all the replies.

captainkirk: Thanks. I don’t know if I’m making reindeer, as the scene will be taking place indoors for the most part. I do need to make a little girl(or little boy, depending on how it turns out).

cuby: Thanks. I’ll consider it, but I probably won’t move the mustache, because if you look at most Santa pictures, his upper lip, if not his entire mouth is covered. Department store Santa’s always have their mouths covered. So I’ll think about it, but I probably wont.

I haven’t worked on it yet today due to my sitting and watching in false hope as the Steelers lost all chance of acquiring a playoff spot. Thanks again for the replies.

The model is basically done now, and I’m about to start rigging, so if you have any more suggestions, now is the time. Here’s the update:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

wow, great job!
I have 2 suggestions, first, the legs need to be a bit longer, unless they are the right size and it’s a camera position/angle issue. second, make him fatter, remember he eats millions of cookies in one day and drinks milk that has been left out for hours!
anyway, great work!