Santa drives

Hello all!

this is a “New year” card for truck manufacturer…

hope you like…


all is modeled in blender, rendered in Cycles for 12 hours (2xfullHD resolution)

and couple of another bulldoser angles


amazing work :slight_smile: very good quality
how you did snow on threes ?

render in 12 h ?..this is not GPU ?

@gucias thank you!, it is 4000 samples GPU for all masked renderlayers and one combined layer.

actually, i rendered it during night time :o

snow is done with particles and metaballs

oops, almost forgot the another poster, the sand quarry, general idea was to show thier logo on dozers dump


Really like the Santa image :slight_smile: Are you going to enter this into the Blender Guru Christmas competition?

peter18, thank you for the idea!

Santa in a bulldozer; I originally thought this was going to use the repeated Hollywood idea of Santa’s sleigh being high-tech, but this goes into a completely different direction and produces something very original (even though it’s for an advertisement).

To me, something seems a little off about the snow in spots (perhaps looking a tad too solid), but it looks pretty good.

Ace Dragon, thank you! Yes, totally agree with you about snow, but they were really pushing the deadline, and i had only 3 days for this from scratch, it will be another renderings of this bulldozer “in work” for their slider on website, i told client that it is not good to push the time so hard, bc it is really drops the quality. So i hope that next renderings of this project will look not so quick. Just hope that for 3 days this quality is enough :slight_smile: