Santa Return Home (render the picture again)

Hi, I am a new user of blender, and now I am enjoying with it.
Hope can learn more about the software :slight_smile:
and happy new year!

I’ve rendered the picture again cause I’ve upgraded my hardware, I can’t finish render job when I am using my old computer :frowning: … Besides, I redesign and redraw the character again. :stuck_out_tongue:

old version:

some process pictures are in my blog :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Incredible!

Is that only Blender or was there also other software involved!
really want to know what it takes…

thank you :slight_smile:

I use blender to make the background and paint the character in photoshop.

totally epic design of the reindeers!

love em’

awesome blend of techniques

to Shatarpi, My3D :
your messages really encourage me :slight_smile:

WOw, beautifull work, I loved it congratulations this is the kind of thing that we can call unique, there are tons of house renders and things like that , those can look realistic but we cant compare that with this kind of work, I really liked it!

That’s a bad-ass looking Santa
wow, I swear when I first saw the image, I thought everything was done in blender
Some little tiny adjustments can really pull your image up
Incredible work!
Can I use it as wallpaper for next new year’s eve?