Santa Rosa, CA

Does any body live near there? its about an hour north of San Fransisco.
im kinda bored so i decided to see if anybody lives near me.

I visited my cousins there…

I live in a hollowed-out log full of Elysiun, and drive down to Santa Rosa fairly often.

=_= I live in oceanside, moving to vista, so hah not sure Ill be able to visit there anytime soon, considering I dont have a car…

Bijin: what do you go down here for?

Well, I go down there because there’s really nothing up here. And when there’s nothing down there, I go to San Francisco.

Sacramento, a bit farther than San Francisco.
I’ve never been to Santa Rosa.

i know where sacramento is.

Bijin; Yeah, there isnt much down here either huh? I like going to The City too, it inspires me alot of the time.

Anyone seen those Charlie Brown statues there?

I liked the ‘Impressionist Charlie Brown’ statue a lot. I don’t know why.

Yeah there all around downtown. i know someone who did one. its the one with flowers all over it and he has flip-flops.

Woot, San Diego here, but I go there for vacation in three weeks.