My christmas picture for this year’s competition by Reynante Martinez. I thought I’ll post it here too.

All done in blender 2.8, rendered in cycles. Well, some texture work done in GIMP. And little texture baking in blender 2.79, because 2.8 kept crashing on me.



Really cool. Great attention to details. Congrats.

  • Just the alignment of the glasses with his eyes is bothering me. The edge of his glasses are visually exactly cutting this eyeballs. - Maybe you can place this glasses that his eyeballs are fully in frame. - The eyes are the first place everybody is looking.

Merry Christmas to you!

  • Oliver

The sculpt looks amazing but the rendered image seem to miss the details of the sculpt. Just a regular overlay of the sculpt and render give a nicer definition of the shapes.


That’s not a bad suggestion, BigBlend. Not the look I was going for, but thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, you might be right. Too late for that change, but you have a point, thanks :slight_smile:

I feel like it would be appropriate right now to get this on the top shelf.

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Yeah, this needs to be in the Gallery.

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Well, he looks happy. Almost like he’s holding one of the orginal recipe Cokes from back in the days, hehe. Some pointers. The Liquid should even out due to gravity. The snow on his cloth could be mistaken for dandruff. Other than that its awesome!


What a stunning image! It really catches that Coca Cola feeling

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This santa is so fast he moves faster than momentum and gravity, thats when this shot was made :wink:
How else can he bring all their presents in one night :wink:

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This Is beautiful work… and I’m digging the hairc and skin quality.

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Great work, congrats.


That’s a very good point - the liquid was actually leveled, but I adjusted the camera position for a better composition. And the background was added at the end, so it’s aligned to the camera angle, not the world… Long story short - you’re totally right, I should have adjusted it further to match the scene.

Totally, he’s magical! And he’s on the north pole, so he’s spinning with the earth and the momentum makes the liquid to level at an angle… Oh, who am I kidding… I messed that up :wink:

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Whoa, that’s awesome! Thank you, Bart!

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! :grinning:

Fantastic details!

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ridiculously well done!

nice to see how this recaptures the tool character of the old hand painted advertisements.

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That’s the look I was going for, thanks for noticing! I even added the lines in the background as a callback to The Saturday Evening Post :slight_smile:

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