Santa's new sledge (update 21dec(Santa!))

I think that my Santa have this year new sledge:

WOW! Wicked design Poju! I love it.


sweet (i think its spelled “sled”) but the chrome is wierd, it looks old and rusted like… very cool though, what are you planning to do with it?

nice sledge man

Hey thank all

I have few ideas for scene, but wont tell u yet.

and what comes to spelling, according to this plase both sledge and sled can be used:

I like it a lot, looks fast and racey.

Would the number plate be “SantaPod” :smiley:


oops, sorry :slight_smile: (YASP(yet another short post))

It would seem “sledge” is appropriate.

it’s really great. love the design, little bit cadillac, little bit kupla … :slight_smile:

p.s. ensimmäinen ilmainen suomi->englanti käännös kone netissä jonka oon nähnyt. mistä löysit?


That’s pretty bad a**. Looks from the front view like it’s gonna tip over!

i’m digging the sled…pretty sweet man. in fact i was about to do a sled/sledge but i guess you beat me to it. i like the wrinkles you created for the back now all you have to do is but a bunch of presents in the back and a good ol fat santa in the front.

couple of things that are buggin me though is 1. the headlights don’t seem to fit the aerodynamics of your sled they seem a bit to flat… how about like a chrysler minivan type headlight on the bugger—2. the chrome seems a bit much, i like it but tone it down just a bit maybe.

overall really sick design :smiley: [!] [!]

Excellent model, and I love the detailing on the back part.
Those folds (a convertible ?) add immensely to the realism of this model.

Can’t wait to see your Santa in his convertible sleigh (yes, this too is a correct spelling :smiley: ), in a real scene.
Best of luck.

I kinda took a peek at your directory, and I love the convertible idea :smiley:

great design, good renders… it’s got it all.
great job!

  • Bentagon

Hey all, it’s update time.

I feel sorry for u who liked folds in back coz those are gone :expressionless:
It’s bacause those was too uniform and vertex heavy, but i made another solution for that i’ll just have to rig this new thing, or is there someone who want to do it for me?

I agree about issue in headlights i’ll try to sunk them in and see how it looks.

New sidewindows need some fixing too, but anyways here are pics:
Sorry about those back sidewindows forget to hide that layer.

That is awesome. :o I want one! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were Santa, it’s what I’d want to drive.

Good concept, nicely executed.

Just quick update:

lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Those metal studs on the canopy are hilarious!
And, the weepy eyed, inset headlights almost make this thing look alive.
Glowing “red nose” hood ornaments anyone? %|

You do realize that you are singlehandedly ruining the simple, happy, candy-floss interpretation of Santa for millions of adults everywhere (children can handle anything you throw at them :wink: ).
Keep up the good work.

Changed roof colour and few minor tweaks:

Basse: En muista mistä löysin. Alunperin se oli joku EnFinCd ja linkki on laitettu suosikeihin alkuvuodesta 2001

I liked black top better, red’s good though. It’s like… Santa from LasVegas or something… lol