Santorini by Night

hey, me again (who?) quick question… im thinking in “attempting” to do something like this… im looking at this and trying to understand how to “attack” this… based on my initial observation i see that obviously some type of modules has been used, like, i should have some modular pieces/structures on the side and then divide the world in some type of grid and copy/paste the pieces in diferent places and rotations as to create the general layout of the city and then work arround the outter walls individually…

is this somewhat correct? So making pieces of 1:1 or 1:2 etc ratio then align them in a grip one next to the other by hand…

About the lighting i notice something… could it bee you used emissive materials on the windows and some manually placed lights here and there?

Amazing as always!

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Ah, I never played it actually

Spend a few days on it! And I did post both, might do a third version as well, but we’ll see!

And thanks for pointing out the broken link, should be fixed now :smiley:

Hey! Actually I didn’t use any grid, I just sort of winged it. I just started by creating a few base houses, and duplicating them. Then I did some more unique ones, and once I liked the overall composition, I modified some houses, and added smaller details to get rid of repetition.

Windows are indeed emissive materials, and tons of manually placed point lights :smiley:

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Emissive materials for windows, bunch of point lights and a directional light + some area lights for ambience!

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I see. It is heavily based on this type of isometric, fantastic style. Where did you take your inspiration from?

It’s wonderful, so much detail and gorgeous lighting :clap: :clap: :heart_eyes:

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I love the density on the city :smiley:

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Wow! So beautiful!!
Keep going! :+1:

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Yeah, I know their art style, but it wasn’t a reference of mine. The game is much more minimalistic, and I didn’t want to use solid colours. I mostly looked at photography from Santorini, and some of my fav artists on Instagram :grin:

Yes, looking at your portfolio, I see you have your own take on dioramas. :slightly_smiling_face:
I actually have been asking myself about the origin of this style, that’s why I’ve asked…

EDIT: Portal :grin: so funny

I want to see a video of the creation of such dioramas. :star_struck: