sapling add-on only renders leaves

i followed this tutorial exactly as far as i can tell and while im making the scene the tree base shows with the texture just fine like so:

but then when i render it out the base completely disappears and i cannot figure out any reason why, I made sure all layers were visible and looked through the settings numerous times, please help

heres a link to the blend file

I do not see a link to your blend file in your post.

There are dozens of threads where people say they can see objects in the 3d view but don’t render. Rather than having to repeat again all the possibilities, it’s much simpler if you give us the blend file. Your screenshot by itself is of very little use

makes sense, im new here so forgive me. im uploading the file right now but my internet is very slow so it will take a bit.

i added a dropbox link to the blend file

Hi hedawn,

Your tree base is unchecked for render, that’s why it doesn’t show :eyebrowlift:


oh wowww, i knew it was gonna be something simple like that, im still getting familiar with blender lol thank you so much for the help!!