Sapling Defender

I took a break from doing stuff with cars ;D Its the first time i sculpted something except for some really easy stuff like rough forms of landscapes. It was challenging to get the brushes do what i wanted them to do but i finally got it.
It is supposed to be a pokemon figure i owned and played with when i was a child. Its job is now to protect young saplings (at least in these Renders :)).

Render: Cycles
Postpro: Compositor+Gimp


This is very impressive work, shxfreestyle! It reminds me so much of some of the Vray renders I’ve seen, I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but the way the light looks reminds me of it. Very, very realistic materials! It looks like a plastic sculpture that has been photographed. The environment is also very well done. The various types of rocks and stones, as well as the dead plant debris. Do you recall how many different objects you modeled to create this landscape scene?

Incredible work, I’m blow away by it. There’s so much to look at.

Beautiful work! There is a lot of meening in. Great Idea!
What can I suggest is to include 1 or 2 part. systems for the sant. It’s look like you need more variety of it.

Keep going, you have a lot to show! Very talented!

+++good job+++
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wow, another super work, the environment is very cool, the pokemon is a toy? looks great, and the little with the little hair make him looks more natural!

I would say it is a photo :eek:
can you explain how did you make such ground? Is it a particle system?

@James Candy: Thanks! A photgraphed plastic toy with some nice Vray Lighting, that was exactly the look i wanted to achieve ;D.

These are the different objects i used for the Environment.

@ivaydesign, @wood1960: Thank you much for your feedback!

@joseperez: Thank you, yes it is a toy.

@Alko: Thanks, that means to me that i succeded :smiley: The Ground is a plane with some bumps and 4 particle systems with the Objects in the Picture above.

It’s Bayleef (I think)! Too cool :slight_smile:

Yes you are right Kinryu, thanks

This is amazing! Nice concept, and very photorealistic :yes:

Thanks SSimpossible :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, really realistic. And very cute. Good job, shxfreestyle. :yes:

Thank you Littlemonkey :slight_smile:

Chiko… Chiko!!! Chiko!!!

Aww, man, i love this!

Nice man! I love the detail you put into everything (dead foliage and grass, rocks, hair on leaves). Keep it up!

Awesome work man!! How did you achieved the detail for the plastic material? Is it all sculpted? Or are there textures applied?

This is amazing!!! You got every single detail perfectly! There is even little pieces of debris sitting on the plastic toy! It looks just like a photograph and I also like the character you chose to make. Why did you choose to sculpt the character instead of modeling it? It seems like since it is a smooth toy it might be easier to model it with a subsurf modifier. Also, how did you manage to sculpt it without it looking like lumpy clay? That is what happens whenever I sculpt anything :o

This is a very impressive render! You did an excellent job of making the Pokemon model look convincing as a toy as well. The textures make it appear as if its been played with and the paint isn’t perfect which is great because cheaply manufactured toys usually don’t have the best paint jobs. I appreciate the detail and attention you put into this image. ^^

HA! Bayleef…