Sapling Tree Gen Menu


I’m messing about with Blender 2.80 to get used to it. I was trying out the Sapling Tree Gen Addon and hit a snag, which to be fair is almost certainly down to my unfamiliarity with the new version.

When Sapling Tree Gend first adds the curve to the 3D view in layout mode a popup menu appears with all the settings I need to adjust the curve to look like the tree I want it to look like, plus leaves, pruning, armatures, animation, etc.

This all works very well until I select another object and the Sapling Tree Gen menu dissapears, it doesn’t colapse, it dissapears and I have no idea how to get it back.

Can anyone help?

Sorry and thank you in advance if it’s down to me being inept, which is very likely.

That’s how blender works.
When you’re done with the tree save it as a preset in the addon so you can bring it back together with the menu.