Sapling Tree Leaves mapping and UV Help

I’m trying to use the Sapling addon for the first time. I want to use some png leaf images for the leaves. How do we assign images to the leaf meshes? I brought my image in the material/texture panel but the leaves stay diffuse white. Can someone post a step by step short explanation of how to get a png image on the leaves?

I always get confused using the texture/material panels. When I UV map brought in obj objects I simply bring in my textures and when I check “Transparency” everything works. But now I am having trouble getting my png image with transpareny to show in the viewport or render using this addon. I know I’m missing something.

This is what I have in the textures area

And this is the material shown

Also, can the leaves be UV mapped other than trying to do them one by one?

You have Alpha slider at “1” on Material’s Transparency which means texture does not have a chance to effect that. On Texture tab you have to check Color and Alpha checkboxes.
Do not forget to set Shadows for trunk and leaf material - Material tab - Shadow - Receive Transparent.
You can select leaves and Unwrap - Reset which would stack all leaf mesh faces in UV space. (There is no addon used in example, rotations are set manually.)

eppo-Thank you very much. That helped and I’m on my way :cool:

One More Question- How do we keep the leaves texture when joining with the branches via ctrl+j? The leaf texture disappears from the meshes when I do this.

BTW, I’m using the same texture for both trunk/branches and leaves.