sapling tree script problem

Im having a problem with the sapling tree script, why is it that the sapling menu is inactive, it is not allowing me to use the buttons or anything for that matter, on its menu after adding the tree from the curves menu. whats going on here. someone plese help out.

ps. the whole sapling menu,after adding tree curve,is dull in colour i would havesent an mage but the uploade doesn’tseemto load it just loads but doesn’t actuallycomplete

Hey man, I randomly have the same problem, but with the add > mesh > extra objects or any other addons. It always works if I save and reload the scene, but I think it is just a weird bug.

yeah but with this the thing has stayed like this even if i reload, i’m worried it might eventually happen to the whole of the software it does this with the layer panel aswell when presing m

I believe that it is simply that you cannot edit a tree once it has been created. At least that’s what I understood from here:

see the bottom.

its not that i mean from the very beginning.
ive used this thing many times b4 i know very well how it functions usee that aint the prob the thing isn’t working full stop the whole menu is inactive and turned dull in colour.