Sapling Won't Save Presets

When I try to save to save a preset, for a tree that I created in “Sapling”, Blender gives me a long, cryptic, error message—something about “file not found” and “permission” (I was unable to copy the error text). Is anyone familiar with this problem? How can I fix this?

I had the same problem and fixed it by running Blender as Administrator.

Thanks. The thing is, I am already logged in as “admin”. I have never had this problem with any other software. Is it possible that, in future versions of Blender, the “Export” button on “Sapling”, could open a “save as…” dialog box, so that users could save these files in their own folders? This would allow users to back-up their presets, as well as not lose them, whenever upgrading to a new version of Blender.