Sapper Rat

I’m going to make a rat working as a sapper, wearing professional sapper jacket being attached to a professional rope (like this one - ). Instead of diffusing a bomb (there will be some explosives around) he will be working under a mouse trap, trying to get the cheese without getting killed. Funny, modest scene. Here are some models I’ve made so far.


Great modeling!

Looks really good. I read the word “professional” twice in your post, I thought Endi was writing :smiley:

very good I poly modelisation.I expect the textured version.

Cool so far, but where is the rat… :wink:

Thanks for your comments! Serialsiner - I guess I’ve made a mistake, I corrected my first post, it looks more professional now.
Chainz - the rat is already being sculpted.

The first phase of modelling rat.

Nice modeling as always and really cool idea :wink: Hope to see some “mission impossible” mood in rat version.

Hope to see some “mission impossible” mood in rat version

Not exactly; while searching for photo references I found this image :slight_smile: and I hate copying existing works.

Another update.

wow nice .I like the helmet

Wow, good work so far. I can’t wait to see this textured. (I never know what to think when I look inside a WIP thread…)

Another update; thanks for comments!

That really is looking very, very nice. Can we see him full frontal and back as well?

I love your rat. About the safety pin, I think it should hang on lower … looks weird to me like this.

very creative, keep it up :slight_smile:

This is looking really good!!! Can’t wait to follow your progress. I really like the detail of the ears being pushed down by the helmet rather than having them tucked in under the helmet this definately adds to the character of the rat.

Keep it up!

Fantastic modeling. Is this going to be a still render or an animation?
What renderer are you using? The slight grainyness makes me think it’s lux, but that could just be BI with AO. The materials look like mat caps from Zbrush.

Thanks! I use BI, one Area lamp, one Hemi and HDRI. It will be just a simple still.

Another update.

Great Work so far,

like the ears and all the detail on the rats equipment. How did you put in the hdr ? I tried it several times as AO with sky texture, but always get noisy renderings. Maybe you can tell me your hdr secret ^^