Sarinem WIP nudity

Hello all.In this wip i want to improve my muscle memory and of course my modelling skill :). Some parts still in blocking state.

just a quick update her name is Sarinem and she is my Ooriginal Character

feel free to CnC
Thank you



Not bad! It’ll look a lot better when the pieces are joined. I also think the legs have the wrong proportions (the thighs are too long). Keep it up, you improve with every day!

I’m so sorry for super late reply

@howtoblend - Thanks alot :slight_smile:


I have recorded some of the process (80Mb). I hope everything will be done next week.
Facing artblock is nightmare i can not fight my brain :spin:


Hey!!! That is really good!!! the main issue for me is the proportions of the leg, the knee can go up. The but, (pelvis and gluteous) you have to find the buterfly.
This may help you: