Sarkozy XIV


For my first entry in the finished projects section, I made a parody of a famous French painting:
Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1701).
That’s a Nicolas Sarkozy caricature (French President) in magician (in the bad sense:D ) :

Large picture there :

WIP on the Blender Clan :

You nailed him alright. haha Well done manollo.!!!
I wish I had your humor here.

I’d say up the hardness value of the specular of the frill at the base of the pillar. Overall seems like it needs a bit more contrast, or something like defocus to better separate the character from the surrounds. Otherwise a good likeness.

michalis, thanks for kind words :slight_smile:

whitewolfw2, Your’re right for specular problems. About defocus, I think the camera is too far, and there is not much deep between the character and background to use defocus.

Thanks for your comments !

I made a video “Making of” to show the different steps of this picture :

Very nice work!

ahuauhahu cool!