Sarky V3.0

I’m glad to introduce Sarky to you. Its my first cartoon like character.

Sarky is a baby shark wich still have to learn a lot about good animals and bad animals, about food and about avoid being food, etc.

With version 3.0 the modelling job is finished(maybe not, that depends on your C&C). Now its time for an texture job, not to hard, I suppose, because it has to be toon style and sharks have an easy texture on their body.

When thats all finished, the shark is ready for my first real animation work.


P.S: Wire and ortho renders will follow tomorow.

Ahhhh! He’s so cute! I hope he has some cute friends. Maybe a dolphin?

Heh. Very clean. I like it.

oooOOooo I love it :smiley: Very cute, and babyish. Looks very clean to. Thou we’ll have to wait for the wire to see if that’s true or not thou :wink:

great model.

How cute! Make sure to give him a pair of those pretty pixar eyes :smiley:

The dorsal fin looks ‘backwards’ from this angle as if it needs to be mirrored to be more streamlined. He is also missing an anal fin and a small second dorsal fin. But hey, this is just a fish person talking. Sorry. I mean he’s a cartoony character so he can get away with it.

Thanks for the replys, I like you like it :slight_smile:

Yeah I had the same idea already, in real life they are some kind of enemies but its cartoon you now. I was already making sketches but dont know yet how she gonna look exactly.

Sorry the wire renders comes a bit late, but had some problems. They’ll follow in this post.

I think I dont fully understand what you mean with pixar eyes? Can you explain a bit.

Thanks for you reply, your completely right and I appreciate your eye for detail, thanks. I forgot some details, first reason is that it give a more baby look. Second reason is that the model is rather small and the fins he has are really big, so there was just not enough space to place all details on the model and keep that look it has now.

Okey, here follows the wire renders. I also added a little test animation(with version 2.1 if I’m right) to test the basic swim movement, and also a bit facial exprecien, I’m curious if you can see it.

And the animation:

I know that there is bad lighting, bud I did it because the model wasn’t finished yet.


Wow well done :smiley:

It looks greate. Its a very nice style. The face is good

The animationtest is interesting but ist´s too dark and too short to say somthing :-?

The animation looks cool already from what is visible.

By pixar eyes I was referring to this tutorial
They’re not fish eyes of course, but as you said this is a cartoon.

Now in the wire I can see how short the model is so there is no room for more fins. The caudal fin is huge and very symmetric. It looks like a whale’s fin turned sideways. I would scale it a little bit and maybe make the lower half smaller than the upper which is the case with most sharks.

Is it a boy or a girl shark? He/she will make a great character for animation. I love underwater stuff. 8)