Saruman's Palantir

Ok guys, this is the dungeon where Saruman chit chats with his homeboy Sauron. Its just one interpretation (I know it looks nothing like the one in the movie :o ) But anyway, here it is:


I think you mean saruman somewhere in that sentence :slight_smile:

anyhoo, cool picture! nice mood. one thing that strikes me as weird is that the halo of the sphere-thingy looks like it’s a light on the backwall instead of a halo…


Nice image.

I agree with Goofster about the halo. Also, the top bulb of the hourglass has some sand remaining, but the bottom bulb looks full.

Looks good. It could be a bit more “dungeonesque”, that would help quite a bit. Perhaps better lighting. Even some noise for feeling.

sweet dude, you got a really nice illistration look to that, looks more like really good 2d work, great style!

I agree with Wu. It’s great that you drew your own interpretation from the book rather than be limited by the scenes in the movie.

Excellent stonework too. How long did it take?

very nice env, lighting and materials which all makes a very good mode. I think that the brick material can be improved and also the glass material in this apperature. it’s too refrective… maybe because it’s not two sided.

Very nice Env. The stones could use a better texture. But over all it looks great.

Very nice Env.

What? :smiley:
BTW, I never read the book and hated the movies, but I like a lot the image, Uli. Materials are very well done, IMHO.


Thanks guys, I don’t really have much time right now, so I threw together a few concept shots that I took while making this. Ill probably post another rendering of this once I have some more free times. Thanks all, and cheers ; :smiley: .

Oops sorry uli :expressionless: I swear I saw Env’s name there first :stuck_out_tongue:

sweeet, that looks really good. i dont like it quite as much as the movie one, but only because the mobie one was sooo big and cool :smiley:

No problem mr_bomb, a compliment is a compliment :wink: . Thanks skele. Yeah the movie room has some sort of grandiose Weta, professional feel to it , but point taken :smiley: . Thanks everyone for your critiques and accolades - I just hope next time i’ll be among the skills of @ndy and endi. But I’m sure thats what everyone’s shooting for!


P.S. Now that I’m back to the drawing board, I’m thinking of creating an “old man willow” to compete with @ndy’s.
P.P.S. Hopefully I’ll show him what I’m made of 8) .

naw u took my comment wrong. ur room is really really well done. it just doesnt have the immense feel that the movie one has.