Saskatchewan, Canada

Does anyone here live in Saskatchewan, Canada or am i the only one?

you mean people live there??:smiley:

you must be the only one, 'eh!

I had no idea anyone lived in canada:rolleyes:

You’re not the only one… On the Sask/Alta border here… Moreso the Saskatchewan side… Two minute walk to Alberta…

ha! and now all the lonely canucks come out of the woodwork…

i am right on the border too! and across the water a bit. practically next door. howdy neighbour(s)!

jim ww

Ha, i live in the very corner of the country.

i live in Saskatoon

I’m just outside of Toronto. So too far for me.

But maybe you can all hitch a ride to Montreal for the Blender conference in October?


I’m in winnipeg canada

I saw a michael moore documentary and it had some canadian emo kids saying stuff about the “right to be healthy,” supposedly healthcare is free up there. Can I get a canadian to confirm this?

I live in Calgary, AB, until tomorrow. Moving to Lethbridge to start an animation job (but using Max…which I’ve never used:cool: ).(

Healthcare: Not free in Alberta…but quite a bit cheaper than other non-Canadian health systems (for a family of up to 5? I think?) it’s $88 per month. Otherwise it’s about (notice the accent there, eh?) $35 per person for single ppl.

I was born in Saskatchewan (because the hospital in Lloydminster was at the time in Sascratchmewan).

so im not the only one in Calgary?