Sassy Ahri from K/DA (league of legends)

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I added the #nsfw tag.

i dont get why this was censored? i did a female viking warrior a few weeks age an she wa not censored, both showed the same amount of skin, the female viking even more… look at this screenshot of both. One was censored the other not… i dont get it…


That …tail ৵( °͜ °৵)

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haaa a man of taste :clinking_glasses:

You weren’t censored - the image is still here, just blurred. A plain ‘bikini’ look like the viking is ok to me, what pushed this into #nsfw was the erotic/submissive pose. To be honest, I feel this specific image doesn’t belong here because of that, but I’m waiting for input from the other moderators before making a decision.

let’s “CSI” this scene… we know Ahri from League of leguends has fighting abilities. We can see what looks to be slap marks on her ass, indicating signs of an altercation. The subject seemed to aproach her with violent intent and she managed to defeat the oponent with a possible kick in the face, we can infer this by looking at ther pants at knee level, clearly indicating that the attacker grabed her pants in an attempt to reduce the impact of the kick. Clearly the kick was stronger and the attacker ran away. As soon as the attack ended she got distracted by that floating heart, you know how cat girls are…

this, if you will, shows female determination to defend and empower themselves against the constant attacks of society’s toxic masculinity.


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