Sassy Kids Adventure

The Sassy Kids Adventure: Episode 1: The ghost.

I am very new to blender. This is my first attempt at making an animation from start to finish. I hope you like it. It was very fun to make.

At first I was going to make it look more line a line drawing, then I decided to give it a little more colour.

I’m working on episode 2 now.

And here is episode 2. I had a little more fun making the set this time. All three of my kids provide voices for this one!

In episode 3, I might try to make a character with real eyes. I’m working on this now. As always, I’m finding blender difficult, but very fun.

I’d be curious if anyone in this community makes similar animations. Something short and cartoony, I’d love to see it. Does anyone else make animation for their kids?

Okay here is episode 3. Having fun making grass, and a unicorn with “real eyes”.