Satellite AI

A “simple” script and satellite that acts as the helper to the Player object. Using its lazers, it shoots its enemies.

Here is the Blend: Satellite_Logic.blend
Try it out. Its pretty sweet.

Hey Everybody!
Thanks to some debugging I did I fixed a few problems.

  1. When the satellite went to go and shoot its enemies it looked very unnatural. It instantly tracked and then sometimes, shot with out even being in position.

  2. If you were ever to duplicate the satellite, the script would go crazy, because Blender automatically adds “.001” to the duplicate. I was directly referencing the child object of the empty.


  1. Add a ray sensor that will tell the object when it is ready to shoot. Also, put up the time value on the track actuator.

  2. Add a for loop which finds the object that starts with “OBSat_Adder” that way, no matter what Blender names the object, you will always be able to find it.

Here is the Blend: Satellite_Logic_2.0.blend

Bump…any comments?

Yes…it’s a very nice demo…but quite hard to save the satelite…if I understood well?!
Thank you for sharing!

Please use friction or some sort of damping. Your player slides around like it’s on ice.

@Gomer: It is not about the player…its about the satellite.

@OTO: Quite hard to save the satellite? I don’t quite understand…