Satin texture?

Anybody know the best settings to use to get a satin effect? I don’t know if this is something I need to use an image for or not, but I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Saturn or Satin (the devil or whatever) ?

Probably UV map, lol.

That’s what a lot complex mesh use.


Satin the cloth. Kind of like silk. Specifically, a ribbon.

Maybe texture mapping is the way to go, but I thought maybe there’d be a good procedural way to get this effect. Guess not.

Try out Minnaert diffuse shader with low darkness value. (Reference:

Are you looking for something like this?

Procedurals seemed to work fine in this case, but I haven’t tried these shaders with other models or lighting. Would you like the blend files?


I can’t seem to get to that link. I’d like to see it though.



Got it. Yeah, actually, the red one is too velvety, but the green one is more like what I’m after… maybe even a bit shinier but I’d definitely be interested in knowing the settings for that one.

Woodman’s at the bottom is actually the closest to the satin I’m after, although I think your top one is the most like velvet…


Thanks for the suggestion, I’m gonna try that now.