Satirical "prison-break" scenario

This piece is title “Dammit” and is a low-poly-looking styled work, the style was chosen in order to highlight the idea/concept. Like in Harry Potter, a prison can be damaged by external forces (such as meteorite used in this piece), however, these inmates were very unlucky, as it has killed all those in Cell B and left all other inmates trapped :(. I just thought I would visually explore this idea and construct a hilariously unrealistic scenario. (btw the random red balls are supposed to be blood droplets) Hope you like it :slight_smile:

sad story!! Nice render though. Did you look at any water simulations for the blood spills? I don’t know whether it will work

I thought that using a fluid simulation for this render would detract from the overall style and aesthetic, (I also wanted to focus on the meteorite, the effect I wanted was to have everything else be “clean” in the cells but have a very odd rock to create a nice effect and better composition), I was debating whether to include the cloth sim in the render but using one seemed to be best.