Sativa on indiegogo and Torque3d on linux.

I have a crowdfunding campaign for Sativa on indiegogo, but my pitch isn’t that good. I used a pair of headphones for a mic, and used my laptop’s webcam to record it. If my video causes bleeding, death, or spontaneous combustion, send me a link to the video.
I am not posting a thread about Sativa, because I have too much to update already; you can go to my blog for information, or the indiegogo page. My pitch video is on autoplay on my blog, but I muted it for your enjoyment.

There was another campaign, not by me, that caught my eye. Torque3d is going to be ported to linux, and there are only a few days left, If you use Torque, then toss some money at them. I know it may keep me from reaching my goal, and I do not even use Torque, but someone here might. I might use it if it comes to linux.

Oh boy, your promotion video really is substandard.
You should make a new recording ^^

I can barely understand you and well…

I never judge a book by it’s cover but I couldn’t ignore:
You’re sitting in a cupboard?
In front of a camo-jacket, looking like you haven’t been among people for quite a while.
And through the static of the sound you hear frequent “knacks” that actually sound like distant gunfire.
That’s somewhere between ironic and stereotype?

Maybe not the best business presentation you got there ^^

I turned my closet into an office, because the house I live in doesn’t have central heat and I was using the confined space to keep the heat from my pc. The electric heater I tried flips the breaker when the microwave is on, and I do not have many places to record videos. I also live in the woods a bit. Any video I recorded without static were too low to hear, and boosting the audio produced static. I’ll try to record another video, until then, I’ll use an image instead.