Saturday morning coffee

Ah - just what I like to do on a Friday afternoon: model what I like to do on a Saturday morning.

Early stages yet, and only a simple project, but here’s the model so far.

Comments welcome, this is just for fun.

Just finished a render with some textures.

I had to change the spotlight to raytracing and it’s taken away that nice soft shadow on the mug even though I’ve got a small array set up. Still looks okay though?

Yeah, it looks sweet. In fact, you’ll notice that direct sunlight seldom causes soft shadows at such short range, so it’s all good :slight_smile:

Further suggestions – increase the AO (yes, it will cripple your computer) and add some steam, because colf coffee sucks :slight_smile:

Did a bit more last night, added a bit of steam (it’s subtle) and bumped ao a little bit. I think it’s finished unless anyone else has more suggestions…

Well, it’s a good render, and i like the atmosphere of your secne.
good work.

i would bevel the would (the window frame) a little bit and maybe add a clearer texture and a few dints etc along the edge and corner just to look like it has been there for some time

excellent render and scene by the way, keep it up :smiley:

Very nice job, kind of looks familiar (did I inspire you?). The books look very realistic. And the lighting is GREAT! :smiley:

Just a few more touches: Daniel8488 I’ve done what you suggested and tried a small bevel, given a better wood uv with a slight bump-texture… maybe a bit too slight…

And Spin! I didn’t look at your pic recently but it looks familiar, I must have seen it in the past - maybe a kind of unconscious inspiration!

Very Nice - I like the steam and the books the best. Also like the fact that the pull string for the blinds is not hanging straight. The only thing I would suggest in addition is dust on the blinds. I have never seen blinds without dust.

Excellent work!