saturn's rings

How would i go about texturing these?

I have the textures.

This should give you the basic idea:

Uh… i have the basic idea… you see, the lines on my ring texture are straight. i can’t get thm to bend around the ring correctly…

The tutorial is based on an older Blender version, so you may need to do a bit of searching, if you are not familiar with the UI changes.

I read the tutorial… i still can’t get the textures to be mapped in a circle correctly.

“Sphere” mapping, I believe? On the material-window?

but i’m trying to get it on the ring not planet

                       /     \
                      |  O  |
                       \  _ /  (ring)

             /     \
            |:.     |
             \:._ /  (planet)

I could find out how to apply the texture if you show it, if not, mess around with the Map Input buttons…

I have done this tut, and finally got the texture on the rings looking right. I would post the .blend file for you, but my website is temporarily down. The file is 464Kb.

On my Material Map Input Panel for the Color Texture, I used “Orco”, “Flat”, and from top to bottom, “Z X Z”. For the Alpha Texture, I used “Orco”, “Flat”, and from top to bottom, “Z Y Z”. This may not be completely right: tell me if you see an error.

I’ll keep trying to post the file. HTH.

EDIT: File is now at

BTW, my avatar is from this file.