hey everyone, this is my first post. I just started using yafray and rendered this image which is supposed to be a saucer. I’m having trouble with the lighting. I cant seem to smooth out the shadows as it shows sharp edges between faces for some reason, even after autosmooth. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

have you tried the set smooth button when all vertices are selected?

Yeah, it has no effect on the yafray render. It renders fine using the blender internal enginge though.

can you post the blender file, or email it to me and I can try to figure out wats up.

here’s a link to the .blend file:
thanks for the help, i appreciate it.

A few things, the model has a lot of uneccesary polys.

To fix the problem, go into edit mode, select all the points and do set smooth.
Then subsurf it on level 1.
Then while still in edit mode select all the vertices with a and press ctrl + n, to recalculate the normals outside. It now looks pretty smooth.

Hope this helps, tell me if you’re still having problems

Wow, works great. Thanks for the help.