Sauna House L

(elieli) #1

I’d like to share with you, freshly rendered Large Sauna House.

What do You think?

(elieli) #2

(elieli) #3

That’s the last one!

(ctdabomb) #4

That’s some wonderful work! Even better because it looks like a place I would love to spend some time at.
If I had to critique anything it would that the pebble path is a bit repetitive.

(bnzs) #5

if you would mind - tell us more about:
1-is it cycles or what render engine?
2-render time per picture? if it cycles - samples count?
3-is it personal project or ?
4-how much in pics post work (PS gimp or blender)?
5-if it possible - show us wireframe?

(elieli) #6

It’s completely rendered in Cycles
Render Time:
exterior 45min to 60 min, scene was divided into layers, and rendered first secound and third plan seperatltly with 800 200 and 50 samples
interior 9hours with 2000 samples
All composition and color grading was done in Blender, only boats were added in PS.
Project was done for our client GrupaSeven. We’ve designed 3 different sauna houses, and prepared Arch-Viz.

I’m attaching viewports shaded with wire:

Compositor setup:

And Blender screenshot

Regards Martin

(noh) #7

Very nice !

(bnzs) #8

interior 9hours with 2000 samples

This is on gpu or cpu, and on what model (cpu\gpu)?
p.s. thanks for detailing answers…

(sizle95) #9

This is insane! I would love to see the wooden material setup for the house.

(Lusterflask) #10

Aww, you really should have gone with the third pic. That one really pops. The main picture screams CGI… it’s something about the grass, but mostly the gravel path’s uniformity. Should have been broken up a little, I think. The rest of the scene looks fantastic, though! The sailboats in the backdrop - did you model them yourself, grab a model from elsewhere, or are they just images?

(zemogorutra) #11

please, can you share your node material setup? it’s awesome.

(underhood) #12

Very nice… like all the pictures except first one. The rocks on pathway are too repetitive and unrealistic and grass is also not as good as it can be. But other pictures are just lovable.

(elieli) #13

Hi, actually you’re right about the pathway. I had problem with it as hair particles didn’t work at that time. Now I’ve redo it and voila! Seems to be much better. I am attaching some nodes setup as well.

(paulina) #14

Hi elieli, nice work :slight_smile: would you mind sharing you node setup for the frosted glass. You 've achieved an interesting result.

(rattle-snake) #15

Amazing work !!!

(R3dyam) #16

Amazing ! Good work !

(ajbombadill) #17

Excellent work!

(Jonas108) #18

This is very nice. I only think the gravel way could be more detailed. Perhaps something to wall it of and the texture could be smaller. And then i would say put a nice bush infront of the building aswell. Otherwise that space seems so empty. Just saying, if this is the first picture people are gonna see, i would try and make it alittle nicer, so it can stand up to the rest.