Sauna House Secound project

Hi there,

We’ve prepared another project of sauna house. This one is intend for domestic or agrotouristic usage.

This take is in winter landscape, mountain in background were downloaded from blendswap (Snowy Mountain Landscape), trees bought on blendermarket, rest was modelled and textured by us. Snow terrain is sculpted, it’s about
1.5 million vertices.

Anyway, we’re expecting constructive critique.


Wow, this is amazing! the lighting and the colors are just perfect, however, it feels like the planks are a bit too much glued together, if you get what i mean

I’am attaching next images, I’ve changed composition a little bit, added some details and smoke from chimney, maybe I’ll change sky in next step. What do you think?
In next post I’ll attach additional images.

you should make some variations of the trees. Or just use other textures if they are billboards.
I can see the same tree repeating.

Also, The snow on the roof looks a bit dark compared to the snow on the ground.

Thanks for comments, Ill try to do some changes on the trees and snow. By the way, trees are 3d models there are 3 different trees spread over the scene, maybe its not enough.

I just wanted to say the second image from the top is my favorite. The lighting is great, its interesting tho in some of the other renders it seems your going for a night time type render considering the large moon in the background but the sky is saying dusk or dawn. Maybe try to find specifically a night time HDR for the sky.

As far as the trees go your showing great use of the snow feature:) In terms of repetition I don’t think its bad may just make sure you have random rotation using Global Z. This should make the trees straight up and down and allow for randomized rotation. You may already have this set. If you post some screen captures of the particle system setup I might be able to help more.

The only real comment I might have it the snow. I think you need more subdivisions and some displacement with some bump especially near the front door. Maybe try to get some sparkle too by using a small noise texture to control reflection value or emission even to trick the camera:)

I love the architecture of the building and the material choices:) Keep it up man nice job.

Maybe try using the “volume scatter” shader on the snow, if you arent already using it.
I’d suggest combining it with an opaque snow material and using either fresnel or geometry/pointiness for the volume scatter mask?

Hi there,

I’ve made some changes according to your comments. Snow has more noise, trees are placed by new hair system. Overall composition is pushed to night view. What do you think?

And the last ones.


Hi there.

The last render and animation. Animation will be available as plash plugin, user will be able to rotate sauna in both directions.


Ps. This project is finished now. Is there a way to move this thread to finished projects?

I like the color contrast!