SAURORA (2016) - Sci-fi Short Film by Pavel Siska

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited to present here my debut sci-fi short film SAURORA (2016) . Blender has been helping me for years on my journey. This is my Thank you to all the developers out there who are putting their effort every day into this amazing product.

IMDB page

Hope you’ll enjoy

Wow!! So what involvement did Blender have? Just modelling/animation or render as well?

My jaw just hit the floor… How much was done in blender? How did you render this? Congratulations, amazing work.

WOW! The visuals were really nice! The water volume looks so nice and cinematic in this and also models and materials were all 10+ stuff. Though I did not exactly get the story, but everything else was really really cool stuff! I might be repeating other people, but if you could little share your technical secrets of the visuals, I would love to read about it. :o

edit: The problem why I could’ve not get the story was maybe because I could not hear all their speaking. I’ll try again soon with english subtitles on.

Thank you guys! Basically everything, from modeling, rigging, animation and lighting to rendering, was done completely in Blender. Extensive Making of Article is in the works, I promise you I’ll share a lot about my process and also one little freebie bonus :slight_smile: Stay tuned.

Amazing work! Stunning visuals, sound effects and soundtrack, I would like to know more about the production, do you have a web site?
Let me tell you what I got from the story, its not clear the relation of the space station with the sea rescue (did they launch on pods from the station to the surface?), although that scene is beautiful I dont see how it helps with the story.
As a trailer it works but as a short movie by itself I think it lacks exposition.
BTW It reminds me of The abyss.

As I said this is amazing work, congrats!

I just saw your movie and the talk you gave at blender conference. Really good work! Strong visuals and good animation/lighting and effects!
I enjoyed it very much.

Looking forward to your making of article :wink:

Hey amazing film.

I just saw your conference talk on youtube and then came here and the video was up. Perfect timing.

Incredible work.