SAURORA (2016) Sci-fi Short Film - by Pavel Siska

I think there is no need even to attempt coming up with anything that is closely related to criticism… I would be sitting here for 10 years just trying to find something.
And that leaves me with only one thing to say:
“Holy Cow!” =]

Very nice… I would definitely be the one buying a DVD of a full length of this… or go and watch this in the cinema.

I concur with that statement. It reminds me of Bioshock meets Gravity with a touch of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Later in the future, I would like to see where this is going. Keep up the quality work!

Which 3D program all animation was done in?

Software used: Blender, Nuke, Ubuntu

now that’s interesting…
@6:20 in the credits

learning something here ^^

edit: I really didn’t think about the male actor being DSLR green-screen. It’s fun breaking it down. My approach when watching the video for the first time was: “Wow! All the way CGI.” . You got me there. =P

Technically it is really good film. But story and directing part little bit confusing to me. Dark scenes and fast camera cuts realy hard to follow as an audience.
Still god job. Keep going.

we´re not worthy, we´re not worthy! the quality is even better than final fantasy in my opinion. there is one thing to mention: in the dark scenes the black isn´t real black. it builds surfaces of deepdark colored areas. if there is a chance to blend this, it would be perfect.