Savage warrior

well as u may have gathered ive been doing work on and animations projects, which will include characters such as , the Fire oracle ( ), the cleric ( ) , and talso this latest little nipper, me and another person who uses 3dsmax have been crackin on this project and we hoper to have it done in about a 5 months or so. well here is the latest character wip. (any one willing to work on the project just holla).

C&C pls


here is a wire of the character

here is a wire of him with his armour




dang… thats sweet!

only one thing to say, i thing the knee pads should be little bit more roundier


Hey this is a quick update i think im on the rigging stage any modelling hics… pls point them out



To me the claws on his hands look a little un-intimidating.

the claws on the hands look too thick, try thinning down the blades if he’s actually going to fight with them. GOod work.


Yeah, right now they look more like blunt weapons…

here is the latest updates ive pretty much finished modelling and rigging, it is going to be texturing thatr takes up the most time in this projects so keep ur eyes peeled
and here is the wire


Definitely sharpen the blades on the hands. :slight_smile: Creasing would probably work for it. Nice progress so far.

model’s looking great, but the blades are so dull… sorry if this sounds like a repost, but there’s little else for me to crit, not knowing character modelling very well. muscle structure and anatomy look sound.

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

i beleive the clwas on his hand should be very sharp like the one in the x men movie :slight_smile:
good work

hello guys ive tryed to sharpen the weapons im not sure if ur good enough yet.



yo any texturing advice?

well this is looking finsihed this is the ide ai was going for crit spls… jusss need to compose a picture for the finished project.

Hmm how come sim nbot getting now feedback on this guy pls guys i need this help

i cant really give much texturing advice but:
the texture looks stretched at the heels
the shorts need some kind of belt or something otherwise they look like they will fall off
the torso armour and knee pads:same as the shorts

i think its ok for me to say im gonna start on his Bg what do u guys saY?

his thighs are looking mighty thin to me! and also his upper arm in between the bicep and tricep is looking too curvy
from fez

Not sure what it is but his crotch looks weird to me almost like he doesnt have one :confused:

The texturing looks great as does model besides what i mentioned above just my opinion but that last pose well he looks a little ummmm queer lol again just my opinion.