Save a View?

I draw a landscape and move the view to an ideal location. Can I save this view? So that after I zoom, move,rotate I would like to come back to my ideal view with 1 key press.

Here is a trick. Might not be what you are looking for but it might work.

Setup that ‘perfect’ view of yours and then create a new scene so that it doesn’t interfer with the old one.

I think you can create a scene that links to another scene although you have to dig into the documentation for that. ( near the start i think)

Can I save this view?

You can move your camera to look at that view with Ctrl-Numpad-Zero with the Camera selected, or use more than one camera and set each to its view.


I’m with Fligh% on this one, but I think it’s shift-Num0 that moves the current camera to the current point of view in the current 3D window!

@ Fligh% and Ammusionist:
I am with you both, but it is the key-combination CTRL+ALT+NUM0 to align the active cam to the current view.


Hey FastEddy,

I just tried it and it looks like both combinations work, Shift AND Ctrl+Alt

I’m using 2.41 on XP.

Go figure!


BTW, I wanted to add for Zbigniew: Use lots of cameras! I use many cameras in my work for just the purpose we’re discussing!

strange again… :-?

I’m currently using the 2.41 Bellorum-Custum-Build with fullscreen enabled for windows/nvidia-combination (on win XP SP1), but the Shift-NUM0 key to align the camera does not work at all, only the Ctrl+Alt+NUM0.

could these builds be this far away from each other?

anyway, in doubt it can also be found in the view-menu (View->Align View->Align Active Camery to View). so it shouldn’t be a problem to use this function at all… :slight_smile:


Ok I made a 2nd camera. But when I align the view with a camera then it always picks camera 1 even though camera 2 is selected and 1 is not.
so how do I flip the view through a few cameras?

Select a camera and Ctrl-Numpad-Zero, and you can name your cameras so you remember which view each is.


Since we are on the topic of cameras… when I look through the camera I get a perspective view and then I render F12 and I get a perspective rendering.
Is it possible to render an orthographic view and get an orthographic rendering ?

Select the camera and goto F9 buttons and clock “Orthographic” on.


Here is a perfect solution : an addon called “3d view : Stored views”