Save Addon Settings


is there a way to change the default settings of an addon?

I’m exporting my models quite often with the DirectX exporter and it’s getting on my nerves to select the needed settings every time. I tried to edit the addon-python file in “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.63\scripts\addons” but it doesn’t do anything. I also tried to remove the addon, change the default settings inside the file and then install it with blender in user preferences.


The Direct-X export addon comes with Blender 2.6x. There are two different folder locations where addons are stored. One for the addons that are shipped with Blender and an additional one for user installed ones. Inside these script folders you will find a folder named “pycache”. Python is precompiling any *.py file into a pseudo processor code file ending with *.pyc and is placing this compiled version in the am “pycache” - folder. As long as there is a compiled script version in the cache folder Blender is not caring about your modified *.py- file. So you have to delete any trace of *.pyc -files for your addon before modifying it.

Then after firing up the program, Blender will recognize the missing *.pyc-file and will place a compiled version of your script modification in the “pycache”- folder. In fact Blender is working with the compiled script versions only.