Save and Load Added Objects with cPickle

This will reload added objects exactly how they were before, when you quite the game and restart it.

There were a couple of people on the forum asking for something like this, and Shobit even sent me a PM. So I made this simple little example. I hope you enjoy it.
Learning about cPickle and dictionaries with python is recommended. :slight_smile:
With a lot more work, this could probably be used for level creation.

-Space adds cubes
-Left click deletes the cubes
-Esc saves the objects position, orientation, and velocities. And they are reloaded when the game starts again.


saveLoad added objects with cPickle.blend (145 KB)

Waow! This works just the way I want. Thanks a lot for the demo. I will study it now. I was trying to achieve this since a long time. But Iā€™m new to python scripting in Blender so it was sort of impossible for me!

Thank you again!

Nice one!
Thank you for sharing!