save and load help (python)

I need help working out how to load my game.
At the moment I have used globalDict to save and load the position, orientation, and properties of items in the game. I now need to work out how to add objects back to the scene at load. e.g. If you save the game when there is an enemy in the scene then load it after you have killed the enemy (and ended the object), when you load the game the enemy should be loaded in the same place as it was when the game was saved.

I have worked out how to remember all the items that are no longer in the scene at time of load. however because they were in the main scene already I can’t add these back. The game crashes. Is there a way around this

try this tutorial

Check out the SaveLoader. It provides you with functions to do that.

Thanks guys I’ll try it out and see if I can figure it out!

Wow :slight_smile: Monster that is some script you’ve written its very comprehensive!! Amazing work!