Save and Load script v4.3

(Cotaks) #81

And if they want it they can grab it from here, if they don’t want to use the forum not my problem

(Daedalus_MDW) #82

in Cotaks defense, the code is probably is alot more meanful in context with a blend file setup.

(D.T.G) #83

Ok, I got it. Thanks!

(D.T.G) #84

I was wondering if you could make the save-load script save different parts of the game. As an example a cube could have a property called “save2” and a sphere can have the property “save”. If you load save 2 then only the cube would load, but if you load save then only the cube would load.

(Daedalus_MDW) #85

that behavior is far too specific for a template.

just make a list of the properties to look for and create a new file accordingly.

i dont know exactly how this works, but it should be easy to do this.

(Cotaks) #86

I would not create such thing in a save and load script. It becomes a custom script. What you could do is just save it all, and keep track with a list what objects you don’t want to keep. Then when loading is done, simply call a function that removes the objects that you have stored in the list.