Save and load UV's...

I have just started testing the radiosity tool in Blender for use in the game engine. So far I amazed at how cool it is. The only thing that seems to be a drawback (and a big drawback at that) right now is that you lose your uv mapping when you calculate an objects radiosity. I was wondering if there are any scripts that would allow me to save an objects uv mapping and then after I calculate the lighting load those uv’s back onto the model? If not what script would be a good starting point for creating such a script? Thanks for your time and consideration.


Do you happen to know how to attach a texture to an object by way of using an Empty? It may not help your specific mapping problems, but…

Place an Empty on or near the object you want to have the texture on.

Choose your texture as normal…press the clip button in the textures.

Back in the material buttons press the button that says object and enter the word Empty in the box(or Empty.001, Empty.002…)

The texture is now the size of the Empty and you can size the Empty accordingly.

I hope this helps…as far as an existing script for this, I have never heard of one.