Save animation?

Hi guys,

I’m just experimenting with basic animation in blender and after rendering all the frames I can’t save the animation. How do I do this?

When you render an animation, the rendered files are automatically saved in the location specified in the Render Output settings.

But I’m getting the individual frames I rendered, I want to know how to save it as a movie file. (such as an avi)

Select the output settings to a movie format instead of an image format in the Render Output settings. This will then render a movie file.
If you have image files already you can open them in the sequencer or node compositor window and re-render with a movie file output format. It will then convert the images to a movie. You could also use one of many external programs to do the same thing.

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much:D

You can also use virtualdub to convert your image sequence into a movie :smiley: