Save animations for later

I am moderately new to animations in Blender, and i’m getting more into it since I can actually render things thanks to how much quicker Eevee is. Anyways, I have a scene, that will be used in many ways and changed/evolved in the future. I have a base animation on several object for an ‘opening scene’, is there a way I can save the animations for later and switch it out with others- like, switching between timelines?

That is the reason to stash animations as actions and manipulate action strips in NLA editor.

If blend file is saved with animation data on an object, this animation data can be re-used anywhere, on any object, at any moment.
Keyframes can be copied/pasted on different objects, at different times. Actions on other objects can be interpolated from them by using constraints and drivers.
Animation data that can also exist as f-curves and actions can be linked and append between blend files like any other type of data.
And you can modify amplitude and timing of animations, you can loop them, you can mix them…

Blender is a professional software to create animations. As a newbie, it does more than you can imagine.
I encourage you to abandon the “Is there a way” formula in your future questions by a simple “how”.

I am quiet confused… I do not understand what you mean at all. Are you suggesting I make separate objects in some other non-rendered layer and push the animations onto those or something?

I did get some animations into actions, but material based ones don’t even show up to turn into action :confused: