Save animations in Asset Browser

Hi everybody!

Can I use Asset Browser to create libraries with animations inside (just as Studio Library do for MAYA), not only poses?

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Good evening, @pekareff. According to the latest version of the Blender manual (3.1 at the time of writing), there are two current types of assets in Blender: Primitives and Presets.

The Primitive type of asset is like your objects, materials, or worlds whereas your Preset type of asset are things like poses that get imported and applied to something. I imagine that an animation would be a Preset type of asset, and right now, “…poses are the only preset assets.”

The manual page does talk about expanding the types of assets supported. I’ve linked below to the “Creating an Asset” section of the asset libraries page of the manual for your review. Hope this helps.


Thanks! Hope they will add animations to assets soon.